2015 Sermons

  Date Title Readings
5/10/2015 Mothers Day     Elyse Nelson-Winger  
5/24/2015 The Best Party Ever    Jeffrey Henricks  
5/31/2015 The God Who Calls Your Name   Jeffrey Henricks  
6/07/2015 Forgive Our Sins As We Forgive   Jeffrey Henricks  
6/14/2015 Thy Kingdom Come    Elyse Nelson-Winger  
6/21/2015 Out of Whirlwind or Out of Context?  Chaplain Mollie Ward  
6/28/2015 Good News for Difficult Mornings    Jeffrey Henricks  
7/05/2015 Thoughts on Democracy  Jeffrey Henricks  
7/12/2015 The Plumb Line Jeffrey Henricks
7/19/2015 The Shepherd and the Flock   Chaplain Mollie Ward
7/26/2015 Jesus, The Bread of Life  Elyse Nelson-Winger
8/02/2015 Beyond Cookies and Chips  Jeffrey Henricks
8/09/2015 An Offering of Frailties   Jeffrey Henricks
8/16/2015 Crossing the Boundary   Jeffrey Henricks
8/23/2015 The Inheritance of the Saints   Jeffrey Henricks
8/30/2015 A Gospel of Peace     Elyse Nelson-Winger
9/06/2015 Shame  James Reents
9/13/2015 An Event of Cosmic Significance   Jeffrey Henricks
9/20/2015 Lessons Along the Way   Jeffrey Henricks
9/27/2015 Salted With Fire   Elyse Nelson-Winger
10/04/2015 Good News for Exiles Jeffrey Henricks
10/11/2015 Seasons of Refreshment  Jeffrey Henricks


When God Says So  Jeffrey Henricks
10/25/2015 Powerful Harmony   Elyse Nelson-Winger
11/1/2015 Heritage of Saints   Jeffrey Henricks
11/8/2015 The Widow's Trail  Jeffrey Henricks
11/15/2015 Let Us Be Provoked   Elyse Nelson-Winger
11/22/2015 First Love, Final Love   Jeffrey Henricks
11/25/2015 Thank You    Thanksgiving Eve    Jeffrey Henricks  
11/29/2015 Faith  Jeffrey Henricks
12/06/2015 And Mary Said Yes   Jeffrey Henricks
  12/13/2015  Cantata Sunday, No Sermon  
12/20/2015 Blessed are You    Elyse Nelson-Winger
12/24/2015 Christmas Eve  
12/25/2015 Christmas Morning  
12/27/2015 Star of Wonder     Chaplain Mollie Ward (Sermon recording truncated at 10:13, I apologize for the problem.)





















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